The Steinway & Sons’ Music & Vision series delivers performances across musical genres in wide-ranging locations, featuring instruments crafted by Steinway & Sons — maker of the world’s finest pianos.

Davell Crawford

“He Looked Beyond My Fault”

“Londonderry Air” is an Irish air originating in County Londonderry but well known throughout the world. The song “Danny Boy” uses the tune, with a set of lyrics written in the early 20th century. But the tune has also been employed for many hymns, most notably the Southern gospel hit “He Looked Beyond My Fault,” written by Dottie Rambo and recorded by her group, The Rambos, in 1968.

In the grand New Orleans spirit of melding musical traditions, jazz and gospel pianist and Steinway Artist Davell Crawford (aka “The Crown Prince of New Orleans”) offers, along with his stalwart chorus of New Orlenians and New Yorkers, his moving rendition of “He Looked Beyond My Fault,” featuring eminent gospel soloist Bridget Bazile.

This video, luxuriously shot on location in New Orleans is part of Steinway & Sons’ Music & Vision series, which delivers performances across musical genres in wide-ranging, unexpected locations featuring instruments crafted by Steinway & Sons, maker of the world’s finest pianos.


Anderson & Roe Piano Duo

A love letter to the legendary Queen album, “A Night at the Opera,” the Anderson & Roe Piano Duo offers their most over-the-top music video yet: “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Acclaimed Steinway Artists Anderson & Roe have created an epic two-piano cinematic reimagining—chock-full of opera characters and tropes throughout its three-act storyline—as part of Steinway & Sons Music & Vision series.

Freddie Mercury himself said: “We break a lot of rules. It’s unheard of to combine opera with a rock theme, my dear.” To come full circle, Anderson & Roe reclaim the classical roots of Queen's timeless hit, infusing it with playful nods to Wagner, Liszt, and 18th-century comedic opera. “Freddie Mercury was so overtly influenced by classical music,” note Anderson & Roe, “that it was especially exciting to tackle ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ as classical pianists, composers, and filmmakers. We’re sending our love back his way by celebrating the vision, pathos, rebellion, and flamboyance of this iconic song.”

Anderson & Roe’s complete collection of self-produced music videos.

See You Again

Simon Mulligan & Jillian Blythe

Pianist Simon Mulligan and cellist Jillian Blythe perform a cover of “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa, featuring Steinway Artist Charlie Puth. This song soared in popularity with its connection to the film Furious 7 as a tribute to the late Paul Walker, the lead actor in the franchise who died in a car crash in 2013.


Sleigh Ride

The 5 Browns

The 5 Browns perform an enchanting five-piano version of Leroy Anderson’s “Sleigh Ride,” wondrously arranged by Steinway Artist Greg Anderson, at the New York Steinway Factory.


Rhapsody in Blue

Katie Mahan

American pianist Katie Mahan debuts on the Steinway Label performing an American classic, Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, in the composer’s own arrangement for solo piano, emphasizing its rhythmic jazz influences and big-city sonorities.


Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon

Lang Lang & Gina Alice Redlinger

Steinway Artist Lang Lang and pianist Gina Alice Redlinger are partners in life and also at the piano. Here they frolic among the lyrical strains of the celebrated traditional Chinese classic "Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon" with help from the Steinway & Sons Spirio | r, the world’s finest high resolution player piano capable of live performance capture and playback.


Liebestraum No. 3

Lang Lang

Dream or reality? Steinway Artist Lang Lang performs Franz Liszt’s immortal Romantic miniature — Liebestraum No. 3 — on the Steinway & Sons Spirio | r, the world’s finest high resolution player piano capable of live performance capture and playback.


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